Nurse call systems

Nurse call systems can be easily installed with minimal disruption to your patients/residents, while also being simple to use for your staff as well. 

Because there is also no need to install cables to any of the call points, the impact is minimal, which is reassuring at a time of increased pressure on resources and environments. Wireless systems also have lower installation and operating costs and are quicker and easier to install.

The systems are infinitely changeable and expandable allowing for the constant ability to deal quickly with ever changing priorities and demands.

Being wireless doesn’t mean less reliability either. We use a dedicated alarm frequency combined with our ‘anti-collision’ technology to ensure that all calls are received securely. Isn’t it time that you went wireless?


Our Touchsafe Pro Wireless Nurse Call is an essential communications system for alerting staff to calls, visually and audibly, from patients to other members of staff. Being wireless, it’s also infinitely expandable and can be installed and updated with minimal disruption.

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DECT provide text alerts similar to alphanumeric pages, two way voice communication both internally amongst staff and externally, PC text messaging to handsets and staff attack buttons on all handsets. The DECT solution can directly connect to your existing phone system or to a new system from Aid Call. 

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These additional items such as wrist worn fall detectors, pro pendant and door status monitor are compatible with Touchsafe systems.

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In a healthcare environment, a cost effective way of staying in touch with critical medical, maintenance and nursing staff is essential. The BlueBell Intelligent Pager combines the functionality of a pager and a nurse present ‘Buddy’ in a robust, waterproof portable unit. J24 and J25 alphanumeric pagers are also available.

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The Reach at home alarm unit brings together the most sophisticated electronic solutions with cutting edge design, functional ergonomics and customer flexibility. The Reach is also compatible with all of the latest receiving centres and comes complete with a Touch pendant including wearing options.

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