Lighting control

With lighting accounting for up to 20% of a commercial building’s electricity use, the efficient control of lighting across all areas is a vital tool in reducing energy waste.

Legrand's lighting management systems ensure there is just the right amount of light when and where it is needed, from simple standalone sensors to building wide lighting management using globally recognised protocols such as BUS/SCS, KNX and ZigBee.

There is a continuing increase in users aspiring to greater levels of comfort, convenience and flexibility in lighting control, leading to a trend for the incorporation of a wide variety of lighting sources and designs. In addition to the switching and dimming offered by traditional switches, modern lighting control systems provide the ability to create scenarios to match the user’s mood and lighting requirements.

These systems allow installers and users to flexibly alter their groupings and scenarios as needs and requirements change over time, however complex the installed lighting design.

Lighting in commercial buildings plays a significant role in providing a safe environment while delivering many aspects of wellbeing to occupants. In addition to the light sources themselves, selecting the appropriate controls, sensors and user interfaces plus a power and communication network is essential for a lighting installation to deliver these key elements of a lighting specification:

  • Convenience
  • Comfort and well being
  • Regulation requirements
  • Energy saving
  • Flexible to varying use of lit space over time

Any commercial lighting installation will need to be controlled to provide varying mixes of these elements.


Lightrak offers fully addressable lighting control with unbeatable flexibility and speed of installation. Snap on / plug in lighting control units can be easily moved and reprogrammed if requirements change.



The Arteor range utilises the latest in ZigBee radio and BUS/SCS technology to provide a comprehensive choice of integrated building automation solutions.
Add and control the latest functions while maintaining a consistent style throughout the installation.


Vantage provides fully integrated, intelligent control over both the dimming and switching of lighting, and other solutions such as AV, heating and security. You can start small, like a home theatre, or go big with whole house automation.



Combining lighting management sensors with traditional light switches puts users in complete control. Lights can be manually switched on and off or, if users forget to switch off lights, the sensors will do so automatically. 

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